Presenting – Hommad Racing Team

Presenting – Hommad Racing Team

Hommad was born from a group of friends who strive to promote their values through videos and photos, a cross between the best of nature and extreme sports.

The videos we make is a way of sharing our values and caring about Nature, while showing all the benefits attached to it.

Since 2014 we’ve been looking forward to giving our contribute to this cause. Each one of us shares the same concerns, and our shooting, editing, programming, design and extreme sports skills come together perfectly to better help the world become a better place.

Our website is our main platform for sharing information. Here we share our news and all the experiences we’ve lived so far. These experiences are akin to our cause and will soon be available to all of you.

At Hommad, we are currently driving various key projects such as building new trails for MTB. We are also ambassadors for events, edit media and fully cover the national downhill championship.

We want to be the right influence and make people going on adventures off the beaten path, promoting healthy and sustainable habits.

For the second year in a row in 2020 we will be competing in the national championship with 6 professional riders – a team composed by 5 elite riders and one masters 30 rider.


António Marques, 24 anos, de Leiria, Portugal.
Founder. Just came from an excellent season in 2019, finishing up in 17th position of the elite class on the Portuguese National Championship. Currently preparing himself for the next season to become even stronger! Strong experience in his freeride style that’s working consistently on his speed. In 2020 has the objective to finish top 10.
Has been a film producer and editor for all the videos of Hommad.

Pedro Fernandes, 23 anos, de Leiria, Portugal.
Joining Hommad in 2019, he participated for the first time in the Portuguese National Championships. Due to an injury, finishing up in a good position was made difficult and he finished 25th in his local downhill track in Porto de Mós. This year he is fully recovered and more motivated than ever, looking forward to having a strong start in the elite class. Pedro aspires to finish in the top 15 and to participate in the IXS European Downhill Cup.

Telmo Febra, 26 anos de Leiria, Portugal.
Already performed in the Portuguese National Downhill cup back in 2007-2011 where he was able to achieve a podium in the 3rd place of juniors and finished top 10 of the same class. In 2020 he his back in competition in the elite class, with more maturity experience and physic, aspires to achieve at least top 20.
Publishes news about surf nationally and internationally and supports Hommad through filming.

André Rodrigues, 31 anos Leiria, Portugal.
First season as a Pro in masters 30 class, many years of experience of competition national level such has athletics and football. Used to practice downhill for own amusement and leisure, but the competitive inside him makes him take the next step in this new season, with maximum dedication and motivation wants to achieve masters 30 top 10.

Mario Matos, 25 anos, de Leiria Portugal.
First season competing as a pro after running in 2019 as amateur. Today with good results he is now ready to step up to the elite class. A new challenge which Mario embarks on physically and mentally prepared due to his active and healthy lifestyle, an athlete with a tight physical routine. Ambition to finish top 20 and help Hommad achieve new goals.

Samuel Dias, 24 anos, de Leiria, Portugal.
Winner of the Portuguese Cross-Country Cup XCO in 2011. After some injuries and being part of the competition in the world of motocross as an amateur, he feels downhill is the way to go. With 4 years of experience in downhill and participating in competitions, Samuel is now stepping up his game and trying to achieve top 20 in the elite class of the Portuguese Downhill National Cup.


We hope, we share the same concerns and values you do. This way, we would be very happy to count on your support – either through funding, assets, sponsorship or even if you could share our message on social media.

With your precious support we can become stronger and closer to reaching our objectives during training and ultimately during our time to shine – in contest!

In exchange we will help you by advertising your brand during races (both national and international) and in every event or spot that its related to the sport.

At Hommad we have a Media team that accompanies us full-time and takes photos, records and publishes videos of all the events where the Team participates. Also our website and social media will be updated accordingly. We will collaborate with our sponsors by publishing and showing the brand content with the possibility to partner or affiliate directly on our website.

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